configuration management
in five minutes


What learn curve?

Easily capture configuration changes and push them automatically while version control happens in the background. No need to know any programming language to get started!

If you have Python2.5 and newer install it with pip:

pip install pacha


It doesn’t matter that Pacha is written in Python get started quickly:

  • Automatic Versioned Configurations
  • Light to run and easy maintenance
  • Extendable with hooks
  • Flexible to configure
  • happy hacker

    Who uses it?

    There are a few companies that use Pacha. Here we only list the ones that gave us permission:

  • ShootQ
  • El Comercio Peru
  • Pacha is MIT Licensed and 100% Open Source

    Pacha is in a few places...

  • Python Package Index
  • Source Code at Google Code
  • Issues List
  • Documentation
  • "We UnitTest every Pacha feature. If it is not tested, is broken."

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